'Pokemon Sun And Moon' News: Starter Pokemon Featured In Series Of Short Animation

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" continues to take everyone by storm. With both anime and game version already released, fans are getting totally hooked with the franchise. However, for those who still haven't tried the game, a series of short animation featuring the adorable starter Pokemon might just give you an idea of what to expect with the each character.

Recently, several short clips starring "Pokemon Sun and Moon" starters were released via Twitter giving fans a glimpse of adorable Pokemon and its playful characteristics. Some of the starter Pokemon featured in the said short animation are Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, and Pikachu.

The said release is in line with the successful launch of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game and the anime series as well. In the animated clip, the featured starters showcased their interaction with their corresponding elemental attributes.

In the series of video, Litten can be seen using its fire ability as it lights up a fire pit to help Pikachu, Popplio, and Rowles heat up the pot. Litten can also be seen setting a toy car on fire. Popplio can also be seen using its water ability when it playfully captured Pikachu inside a water bubble. Popplio also played with Litten and Rowlet with its water bubble, jumping up and down until it bursts and splashes water.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" already recorded over 10 million copies of the game worldwide during its initial shipment. On the other hand, the anime version already launched in Japan and also gained international fame. In fact, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is set to air in Disney XD in the US this December.

Check out the Pikachu in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" starter animation. Watch the rest of the clips here.

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