Pokemon Sun And Moon Are The Top Selling Games In November; Here's Probably Why

Pokemon Sun And Moon are the best-selling games in November. It is obvious that a lot of fans have acquired the game since the day of the release. The reason why this is the top selling game is because all the other Pokemon games were also.

Why Pokemon Sun And Moon Are The Top Selling Game For This Month?

Even if Pokemon Sun and Moon were launched late this month, the games have beaten Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The success of the latest games that include Pokemon is partly because of Pokemon GO's popularity around the world.

According to Venture Beat, Pokemon Sun and Moon have been dominating the game sales for this month because they offer the same Pokemon feel, but at the same time, a unique and different experience. Also, with the help of Niantic Lab's Pokemon GO, it increased the players' interest of Nintendo's two newest games.

With the help of Pokemon GO, oeven other games such as Pokemon X and Y boosted its sales and released 15.64 million copies globally. Also, Nintendo 3DS have been selling like hotcakes for the previous months as preparation for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Japanese developer must thank the massive hysteria created by Niantic's game.

Pokemon Sun And Moon During Holiday Sales Are Even Better

Pokemon Sun and Moon have dominated the Cyber Monday sale and Black Friday sale. They have topped different video games. The profits made during the weekend are unstoppable even if the sale is already finished, as per WWG.

How many more copies of Pokemon Sun and Moon will be sold during Christmas? Nintendo is very happy on how the fans have embraced a whole new world of Pokemon. The fans are expecting more copies to be released in the coming days.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are unstoppable. The number of players has been growing since the games were released. It seems that other video games need to think of how they can stop the expansion of the Pokemon world and how they can beat the games by Nintendo.

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