'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 70, 71 Spoilers, Predictions: Filler Episodes Feature Champa And Hit's Assassination Attempts Against Goku; New Arc Includes Gohan?

By Mandy Adams , Nov 30, 2016 12:43 PM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" episodes 70 and 71 will follow Goku's adventures as he tries to dodge assassins who were sent to kill him. These challenges take place right after he gets through the challenging job of being a security guide in DBS episode 69. While there are some reports that Champa and Hit will get a full arc, the two characters from universe 6 will only be getting one episode each.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 70 Spoilers

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 70 will be another comedic breather as the God of Destruction from Universe 6, Champa, decides to challenge Goku. The two will face each other in a field not to measure each other's strength but to play baseball. As previously reported, episode 70 is just another filler episode in the franchise. Champa will definitely appear in the episode. It would be a safe bet to guess that Beerus' twin brother is accompanied by Vados.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71 Spoilers

Right after the episode with Champa, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 will feature the legendary assassin Hit who is also from Universe 6. The tall and muscular humanoid who is considered to be one of the best fighters in his universe will be after Goku. An unidentified individual ordered him to take Goku's life and it would be the main focus for this episode. While there are some fans who are speculating that he will be present for an entire arc, spoilers suggest that he will only be in one episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" New Arc

Right after the titles for the next four episodes in "Dragon Ball Super," there have been numerous predictions that the start of the new arc will be episode 71 where Hit will make his first appearance. The said arc will feature Trunks and finally Gohan. While this may be a possibility, the episode featuring Hit seems more like a filler episode before the new arc is unveiled.

There are various theories on what the new arc will be and many are hoping that Gohan will be in the spotlight this time. Todd Blankenship, more popularly known by his Twitter handle Herms98, made it clear that for now, there is no news on the latest arc. At the moment, "Dragon Ball Super's" new arc remains to be a mystery although there will be news soon since the new saga will be unveiled during the Jump Festa.

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