Battlefield 1 News: Fall Update Has No Effect On PS4 Pro

Battlefield 1 might be one of the best games there is but some players are reporting to DICE that the latest update has no effect on PS4 Pro. But the developer will solve the issues reported and hopes to bring the fix to its players soon.

The Latest Update Of Battlefield 1 Has No Effect On PS4 Pro?

All of the players using PS4 Pro have been reporting to DICE that the latest update of Battlefield 1 caused downgrades to the game. The first thing that the players noticed is that the FPS and image quality are not enhanced fully, according to Power Up Gaming.

Fortunately, these problems did not go unnoticed by DICE. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Nils Hallberg explained that the company is currently investigating why the patch will not work on PS4 Pro. This issue has also affected the performance of the console.

"We are constantly reproducing any issues highlighted by our Battlefield community with identical setups here at DICE in order to legitimize them and then identify how best to fix them, including any related to the recent Battlefield 1 Fall Update," Hallberg said.

Hallberg also suggested to the players to change the FOV settings. DICE has asked its players to send them screenshots of Battlefield 1 containing the before and after the installment of the Fall update. The developer is not saying that it believes the players that the update is not applicable on PS4 Pro.

Players Can Play Battlefield 1 On Xbox One S, Thanks To Cyber Monday And Black Friday

Even if players of Battlefield 1 on PS4 Pro have been experiencing different issues in the game, there are a lot of bundles of the game with Xbox One S. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, players were able to grab the console and two new video games, according to Games Radar.

The best deal of the sale was Xbox One S 500 GB plus Battlefield 1 with a month of EA Access Game and "choose your own free game" from Microsoft store. Players can now enjoy one of the most popular games and their own chosen game.

Battlefield 1 may disappoint the users of PS4 Pro but players from different consoles are enjoying the game to the fullest. Players must not worry because DICE and EA are already investigating why the Fall update is not working on Sony's latest flagship. Hopefully, the companies will be able to provide the solution to the problems soon.

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