‘True Detective’ Season 3: HBO Yet To Find New Writer For The Series; Colin Farrell Praises Season 2 Despite Low Ratings

The status of "True Detective" season 3 is still hazy as writer Nic Pizzolatto is reportedly working on a new HBO series. He has promised though to assist the new writer who will pen the third season. Meanwhile, Colin Farrell, who starred in the sophomore season, sang praises for the installment although he is aware of the criticisms that it has suffered from.

Farrell has been a busy actor with numerous projects served on his plate for the past years. He was recently commended for being a versatile actor who can be flexible with the roles offered to him. The 40-year-old actor has gone from his edgy role on "True Detective" season 2 to his recent wizard role on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." In an interview about the roles he has been taking, he was also asked about his take on "True Detective" season 2. The installment has been attacked by negative reviews, claiming it cannot level up to the quality of the freshman season.

"I loved doing 'True Detective.' And I had a real love for that character," he explained. The Irish actor even admitted that the season he starred in received "lower ratings" compared to season 1, but has still sung praises for the show. "I know the reception was lukewarm - the first season was so strong across the board and there were so many expectations - but the experience was incredible," he said.

Farrell played the role of a corrupt police detective who made an alliance with his superiors and a mobster. Season 2 had over 11 million of total viewers, but ratings of its quality dropped far down compared to season 1 which nabbed several awards. Previous reports revealed that the sophomore season was poorly written hence the slumping ratings it got from rating sites like Rotten Tomatoes. It was also rumored that it was for this reason that creator Cary Fukunaga recently left the series and confirmed that he has no plans of making the third season.

Pizzolatto is reportedly working on a new legal drama, "Perry Mason." While he was re-signed by HBO until 2018, his hands are currently full but has promised to assist the new writer coming to "True Detective." This, however, was not yet confirmed by the network and Pizzolatto, but both camps have expressed their interest in working on a new season for "True Detective."

HBO, on the other hand, is busy with another hit original series, "Westworld," which has already been confirmed for a second season. With the next installment coming in 2017 and with "Perry Mason" rumored to also make its debut next year, "True Detective" season 3 is then said to take a later date which could be up to 2018.

None of these rumors have yet been confirmed, but fans can still expect to see their favorite legal drama as "True Detective" season 3 is still far from cancelation.

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