The Most Famous Smartphone Features That Are Totally Unnecessary

Smartphone features
One of the most particular and unnecessary smartphone feature has been the fingerprint scanner, considering that it was extremely annoying and it was discontinued for some years, but now the newest smartphones have it.
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Since the development of the smartphone, almost every single release of a new device has been characterized by the creation of new elements that makes this device cooler than the previous, to the point in which almost every user watch the launch event to see it. However, there has been some of these smartphones features that far from being useful, it ends up being so unnecessary no one even cares. Here are the most incredible cases.

Display Resolution: More Quality And Detail To A Very Small Image

Do you know why I never liked the GameBoy and those kinds of small video games consoles? Because no matter how great the games were or how mind-blowing was the resolution, the fact of seeing something in just a tiny little screen makes me so angry that I actually prefer not to use it, unless you want me to choose between that or writing an article about the Most famous smartphone features that are totally unnecessary, and even in that case I think I would prefer the second option.

I know you already get the idea about my point, but let me clear it for those who don´t: If there´s something that people doesn't need in smartphones is a ground-breaking screen resolution, considering that no matter how great it is, this will never stop being as adding the greatest wheels and engine to a car that will not ride, and even like this it will drain the battery.

The newest smartphones have some resolutions that are way much better than the ones that you could find a Full HD TV right now, and it has been reported that some smartphones that will come next year would have a 4K resolution, giving more detail to the image clarity and a greater texture for something that will still look incredibly small, and just like the car example, it will even drain your battery.

Personal Assistant: Almost Every Movie Has Made Jokes About It

This is one of the most famous features, and almost every smartphone maker has equipped its device with it. Although this is something that tends to run great and smoothly during the product launch events, but for some reason, it works as the drunk and erratic version of it in the real life, to the point in which many customers have had a lot of bad experiences with this feature.

In fact, this is something that it has been showed in many movies and TV series in which someone is using the personal assistant on its smartphone and usually the machine doesn't do what do owners told, and instead of being helpful end up being the reason of the owner´s angry. Although this is the worst kind of publicity a product could have, no one could say that it didn't gain it.

In fact, even when the newest smartphones have way much better personal assistant, this feature has been a failure that most people tend to ignore if it is available to their mobile device. Of course, the reason is not only its bad performance but also that people don't like to talk to their devices and give it some orders.

The Most Unnecessary Of Every Smartphone Features: Premium Materials

Although this is one of the most famous features that is so extremely unnecessary that actually explains itself, let´s say that having a mobile device designed with items as glass, metal, plastic, wood or ceramic is nothing more than superficial luxury that doesn't give more than an aesthetic look to the device.

Do you want to know how the irrelevance of this feature is showed in the most meaningful way? Let´s just say that most of the users usually wear its smartphone with a variety of third-party protective shells that tends to hide the beauty of the device. If this comes to a specific gold tone or a beautiful carbon color.

It is a fact that the appearance is very important in every single product, but in the case of mobile devices, it has been proved that the most important thing for users is its capacity and quality, which are two elements that don't have anything to do with the way that the smartphone looks. The essence is always more important than the form.

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