Netflix Can Finally Let You Download Movies And Watch Offline

Netflix subscribers can now download shows and movies to watch everywhere or for any other time when there is limited or no access to the internet. Netflix announced on Wednesday that some TV shows and movies were available for download on Android and iOS. This means, Netflix now enables offline viewing.

According to some resource, Netflix said: "Netflix is working closely with several partners worldwide. This is to get downloading rights for the bulk of the content on our service. This is an ongoing effort as we know consumers want this capability and we are working to provide it."

The own series of Netflix's are the first that can be available for download, and it's not yet confirmed on how many titles outside of Netflix's own creation would be available. The service is also recently limited to smartphones and won't also work on a laptop, so for those who want to watch a larger screen, you can watch on a tablet. Thus, this is a major move for the service, most especially for those places where high-speed internet is hard to come by.

Here's How You Can Download Your Favorite Movies Offline

The easiest way to see what shows can be downloaded is to go to the menu in the app. Then next go to the titled "Available for download" section. You can tap on something you'd like to watch offline, and check if it's available for download there will be a downward arrow icon next to each episode. As for movies, the download icon will show in the details section below the movie description. Once you already have downloaded something it will show up in the other section of the new app right at the "My Downloads."

Availability Of Your Offline Downloads

As for how long downloads will last on your device, it would depend on the title. According to Netflix the amount of time you have left to watch any given download will appear in the app if it is for seven days, so you won't be surprised at all. Moreover, for some titles, you may only have Two days or 48 hours to watch after you have pressed played on your device.

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