Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 10 Spoliers: New Clip Featuring Unforgiving Grand Admiral Thrawn

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 episode 10 will feature the merciless Grand Admiral Thrawn. Just like before the season begun, Admiral Thrawn is playing the role exactly as it was predicted before. The storyline of the series' season 3 has been all about knitting the role of the Admiral and well-formed way it will arrive in the upcoming episodes.

Grand Admiral Thrawn Tactical Mind vs Rebels

This December, the 10th episode of Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will be aired and it will be entitled "The Inside Man" will arrive. This episode will show how Ezra and Kanan managed to sneak around under Grand Admiral Thrawn's snoopy eyes. Ezra and Kanan will go undercover. This will lead to the finding of Thrawn's extraordinary leadership in the Empire.

The Star Wars Rebels Season 3 new clip suggests the Grand Admiral Thrawn is rigid and lethal when he wants something done. When he confirms that worker 5473 was pressed to the Empire, he answered he was after losing his farm. The Admiral then proceeds to ask the farmer to demonstrate just how fast the 624 AVA - the bike the farmer individually inspected and assembled.

In Star Wars Rebels Season 3 episode 10, Ezra and Kanan later on knew something was wrong with the bike, but given how they are undercover, they are helpless and can't seem to do anything to save worker 5473. Still, the farmer rode the bike and tried to accelerate it. After a few seconds, the bike seemed to hot-up and the worker was forced to reduce the speed.

Ezra is slowly building reputation amongst rebels after they could build a secret base in Atollon. His main job now is to recruit new rebels that have the passion to go against the Empire. With Grand Admiral Thrawn's tactical knowledge, Ezra may find this difficult to achieve it.

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