Titanfall 2 Easter Egg Hunt Respawn Aids Players Find 'Nessie'; Can DLC Update Help

Titanfall 2 has an Easter Egg that players failed to uncover. Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment is making it easy for players to find it through its first downloadable content (DLC).

Angel City's Most Wanted DLC

Titanfall 2 is getting its first DLC called Angel City's Most Wanted. The additional content will include patch ups for the both the Windows PC and consoles. A lot of features will be added in the game as well. Titanfall 2 developer, Respawn Entertainment hoped the DLC will helped players finally find the Easter Egg "Nessie" which remains undiscovered.

The previous Titanfall installment first featured a "Nessie" doll in the multiplayer map and players successfully found one. Titanfall 2 players got the Nessie doll again in the training mission when the game was still in Alpha testing. Respawn however, seemed to have hidden another doll somewhere.

Titans Get New Kits

All the six Titans will received upgrades, new kits and look as well. Art, Callsign and Camo packs will be made available for a price. Pilots will also be given a new move called "Inner Pieces". Basically, a pilot can kill an enemy while in Phase Shift mode.

Titanfall 2 Additional Features & Balancing

Console players will now be able to adjust their Field of View (FOV) using a slider. Consoles and Windows PC players will have a maximum FOV of 110 degrees. Aiming or ADS sensitivity will have a new adjust settings and it's also separated from the hipfire sensitivity. Technical support has also been made easy with the addition of EA Access and free multiplayer trials. Newbies can also learn more quickly with the addition of the FAQ in the Multiplayer Lobby. Extensive adjustments were made to make Titanfall 2 gameplay more balanced. Damages from various weapons were either increased or decreased. Bugs have also been fixed including the ability to earn a Double XP in Private Matches.

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