Earth’s Technosphere Now Weighs 30 Trillion Tons

The Earth today is very much covered by technology and advancing human development. As human population increases, much of the world is being covered by evidence of human existence, much more now than ever before. This evidence of human advancement is now being called the technosphere. Earth's technosphere is so great that now it weighs 30 trillion tons.

Geologists from the University of Leicester are now studying this area of technological advancement that has been termed the technosphere. The term has been used by American scientist Peter Haff, who is also one of the co-authors of the study. The techosphere encompasses many aspects of human life, from houses and buildings to the gadgets being used.

Professors Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams and Colin Waters are from the University of Leicester's Department of Geology and lead the study of the technospehere. Professor Zalasieeicz has said that the technosphere is everything that humans have made, from factories to airport and the like. The technosphere is said to be a new phenomenon and is growing at a fast rate.

Unlike the Earth's biosphere, Professor Williams has noted that the technosphere doesn't recycle much of its waste. Many of the waste materials could be found in land fills, which might later on become an area of concern. The technosphere shows how much human activity has made much impact on the Earth.

With the mass that the technosphere now has, it has become very much a part of what makes up the Earth, as observed by the researchers. It has become so important that it connects in some way to the other spheres, according to Sci News. Much of the technosphere is not only made up of technology, but it is also comprised of humans and human organizations as well.

The technosphere is also made up of the way man has been able to harness abilities to create objects and gadgets, as Phys Org reports. This has enabled man to have so many devices that make life better. As Professor Waters has noted, these gadgets would someday be seen as technofossil, which would define the role that humans have on the Earth.

Humans today have been more active than any other time in history. So much technology has been made that there is now what is called a technosphere. This technosphere is so great that now it weighs 30 trillion tons. One advancement might be glowing crystals, which could clean up contaminated water.

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