Will The 'iPhone 8' Come Before 'iPhone 7s'?

By Staff writer , Dec 01, 2016 05:34 AM EST

Apple and its lineup of iPhones is an ever-changing one. Just recently, we have only just had the release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and right now people are already having talks about what comes next. Right now, the rumors are mixed with different sides talking about an iPhone 7S, along with others about the upcoming iPhone 8. Here's what has been said about the possibilities of each proposed device possibly seeing the light of day.

Will it be iPhone 7S or iPhone 8?

There have been credible sources suggesting that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 8 in 2017 since next year also happens to be the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone launch. With that being said, many analysts and credible people find it hard to see Apple going down its usual 'S' route in such an important year.

Possibility of an iPhone 7S

What Apple needs right now and in 2017 is an all-powerful and influential smartphone that will bring back the glory days and revitalize the slowing iPhone sales. Earlier, reports have already said that the company is looking towards producing an iPhone 8 with a screen that poses a higher resolution than the Galaxy S7. However, new information has come to light which could throw an iPhone 7S into the mix.

State of OLED and AMOLED displays

Reports have recently indicated that Apple could be struggling to get all the OLED panels that it requires for 2017. Reports have stated that "The four main suppliers for the said OLD panels will not have sufficient production capacity to produce screens for every new iPhone for next year, along with several constraints continuing into 2018."

Will there be three new iPhones in 2017?

There have been rumors circulating that Apple could potentially deliver three iPhone 8 models in 2017. However, with the revelation that OLED panels may not be available for such a lineup, has also sparked some new interests for the iPhone 7S. The reason is because while there will suppose to be enough panels to accommodate a certain number of iPhone 8s using OLED panels, Apple seems to be looking into producing two lower-spec handsets, both of which could either use AMOLED panels.

Sizes and variations

According to reports, each of the smartphones available for 2017 will also have different size displays. With the iPhone 8 sporting a projected 5.5-inch OLED, it could potentially be bezel-less. However, the detail is yet to be confirmed. As for what could potentially be the two iPhone 7S models, one could be a 4.7-inch variant, and the others are 5.1 or 5.2 inches. Again, no detail other than they could potentially be AMOLED-based has been confirmed.

No confirmation means no assurance

While rumors are still floating around being unconfirmed by an official Apple announcement, every bit of information here should be taken with a grain of salt. But with all of that said, most of these rumors are likely to happen, and it will only take an official announcement from Apple to make it more certain.

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