Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Get Experience Points And Level Up Fast

Final Fantasy XV will give players a difficult time beating powerful enemies and challenging dungeons throughout the game. Thus, here's a guide on how to maximize each battle, level up and get experience as fast as possible.

Final Fantasy XV - How To Experience Points Fast

Special buffs and bonuses are available early in the game. They allow you to maximize the experience points (XP) you get as you engage in duels, accomplish missions and complete hunts. You can actually take advantage of doubling of you XP that you get here through camping, rest and cooking.

First thing to remember is to ensure that you are camping, staying and cooking at inns properly. When staying at an inn, you get XP bonus reward but only on the experience you've obtained by far. Remember that it cannot be carried over to the following day unlike cooking.

Take note to start the day with a cooking recipe that buffs XP whenever you venture on exploration. Right of the bat, you can have Multi-meat sandwich that has 20 percent extra experience. You can unlock this recipe by taking Ignis' cooking to level 2 by cooking at campfires and collecting Gighee Ham, Aegir Root and Daggerquill Breast.

Gighee Ham can be bought from the shop at Hammerhead for 30 Gil each. Aegir Root is rare but you can look for it beside the Vennaugh Haven campground in the Southern part of the map right along the road leading to the Quay.

Upon getting the recipe, you have to do the following instructions IN ORDER to maximize XP. Proceed to any campground and camp there. Cook the Multi-meat Sandwich. Pursue main missions and side quests, take down enemies, or do any activities that will earn you XP. Rest in an inn. Staying at inns is costly so you have to strike a balance and remember that you will earn either 1.2 times, 1.5 times, 2 times, or more on XP.

Final Fantasy XV - How To Level Up Fast

Other means to earn a massive amount of experience points can also be gotten via single fights which could give you 10,000-20,000 XP. Add items when you make use of Elemancy to develop spells to get new effects. You may want to take advantage of items listed as Coins, such as Rare Coins. These give you XP rewards if you hit your enemies with it and then kill it. You don't need to slay them with the spontaneous attack. Remember to store more coins with more potent spells to enhance the effect.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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