League Of Legends Massive Changes In 2017 And Why

Next year, 2017, will be a big change for League of Legends. In fact, even before the year starts, there are some changes made in the game already. However, what's coming next year is even bigger including new assassins, solo queues, new items, and game-changing plants.

According to Greg Street, the game's lead designer, said that they are making some adjustments to the assassins. He stated that it might be fun for other players who take the assassin role to prowl and lay waste other players but for those who are on the other side of the coin, it was pretty annoying.

To address the issue, Street said that they are thinking of making those windows a bit bigger by providing the victim some sort of defense so there will be some counterplay instead of just getting surprised and killed.

Another one of the League of Legends massive changes is the return of solo queues. This feature allows the player to queue up for matchmaking so he can avoid getting matched against a pre-made group.

"The overall direction with matchmaking in 2016 was: League is a team sport, a lot of players tell us that want to have the ability to play either with their actual friends or they just enjoy building a premade with people they play well with," Street said. However, when the feature was removed, a lot of players were left frustrated.

There will also be new items that will come along with the League of Legends massive changes. This is expected every time changes will be made in a game. Aside from new items, they will also make changes in some items and weapons. For example, the Aegis of Legion cannot resist a magic aura anymore.

The biggest of all the League of Legends massive updates, however, are the plants. Yes, those flora will spawn items that will heal players and blast them over walls when hit.

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