Buy DJI Mavic Pro Now And Get It Mid-January, Drone Is Still In Pre-order Mode

DJI has been in hot water ever since they started the pre-orders of the Mavic Pro. To refresh your memory, the company started the pre-orders for the said drone about two months ago with an expected shipping date of mid-October. However, that date came and went with a bunch of orders left uncompleted. Needless to say, this frustrated their buyers very much.

DJI Mavic Pro Delay

The company initially denied the severity of the delay and they sent out "vague" explanations as to what was going on. This wasn't taken by customers lightly who vented out their frustrations in online communities. Needless to say, DJI eventually released a statement saying that there were manufacturing and supply issues and that they are extremely sorry for the delays. The company then promised to try to complete all earlier orders by the end of December. As of now, it looks like everything about the Mavic Pro's release is already under control.

DJI Mavic Pro Release

Know that if you order a Mavic Pro now, you'd be getting it mid-January. It may be a little too long but it's clearly better than getting an improbable shipment date. If you're not in a hurry to get your Mavic Pro, this shouldn't be a problem. In fact, getting it now may mean getting it sooner than future buyers because as of now, there is still no clarity as to when this drone unit is hitting stores.

What's certain as of now is that Amazon lists the DJI Mavic Pro with a release date of January 15, 2017, and Apple lists it with a shipping date of 7-8 weeks. DJI on the other hand, lists the Mavic Pro with a 6-7 week shipment. For a drone unit as amazing as DJI's compact drone, a two-month wait may actually be worth it.

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