Its The Era Of PlayStation 4: Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest On The Console

Its The Era Of PlayStation 4: Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest On The Console
Despite being three years old, there is no denying that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is still a great piece of technology that is worthy of battling it out with the most modern of consoles. Photo : IGN/YouTube

The PlayStation 4 was officially released in 2013. And even though that was three years ago, the device is still a staple in millions of homes. Sure, Sony had not released a follow-up until the PlayStation 4 Pro, but even that release does not mean gamers will be stocking their PS4 devices.

There is no denying that the PS4 is a wonderful piece of technology. From its specs and design to the efficiency it offers and the games that it plays, it is still a monster in the console world. And its new and competition - the PS4 Pro, the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Scorpio - is not likely to change that. Not yet.

If anything, the PlayStation 4 is now an even better investment than it previously was. As Business Insider notes, PlayStation Now remains one of the best constant deals in gaming. With a PlayStation Now prescription, gamers will get free games every month. Of course, it also allows members to access online play.

Another great selling point is that the PlayStation 4 is so much more than just a gaming device. Various services from Sony are available via the console, such as PlayStation Vue. The service allows users to keep local channels while adding a list of other cable shows as well. Furthermore, there are various packages that range in price and number of channels to suit every household.

The console also virtually turns any television set into a Smart TV. With it, users can browse various applications. YouTube, for example, become easily accessible. Moreover, the PS4 can connect to Netflix and Hulu and other exclusives such as Spotify.

The PS4 is also quite flexible, as games and can be continued in other mediums. These include the PlayStation Vita, a PC or a Mac. This feature allows the entire family to take advantage of the console without getting on each others nerves. More importantly, the ability to transfer from one platform to another is almost effortless once setup.

What is definitely most important about buying a console, however, are the games that it comes with. The PlayStation 4 undoubtedly has a great roster of games, from the exclusive and non-exclusive. But what makes the device a great investment is that it is compatible with past games as well - those that would not have seen the light of day without it. These include "Grand Theft Auto 3: San Andreas" and "Rogue Galaxy."

The above point is about the past, but the PS4 is also about the future. For one thing, it is capable of virtual reality, thanks to the PlayStation VR. But even without it, Sony has promised that all future games in its roster will be compatible with its present line of consoles. That means that unless the device breaks or the user simply wants to change things up, there is virtually no pressing reason to upgrade.

Polygon also makes the excellent point that with the holidays coming, there are bound to deals for the PlayStation 4 everywhere. The cost of the console is sure to go down as Christmas inches closer and closer, as retailers will be fighting for every customer by releasing spectacular deals.

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