Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Mythical Pokemon Meloetta Now Live; Get It While You Can

While not a newly introduced creature in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Meloetta is one of the rarest Pokemon in all titles it appeared in. Now, it is being distributed to all players of Pokemon X and Y as well as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire until Dec. 24. No QR codes needed this time, as players only need their 3DS and internet connection to acquire the Mythical creature.

How To Download Meloetta Now

Those who own the aforementioned titles can receive Meloetta via the "Mystery Gift" tab. There is an option there to "Receive Gift." After selecting it, players should choose "Get via Internet," iDigitalTimes reported.

Afterward, the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta will immediately download to the 3DS without any other special steps. Those interested to get it are advised to connect to a stable internet connection to not encounter any problems while downloading.

How To Transfer To Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can eventually welcome Meloetta into the Alola region through the Pokemon Bank. However, this feature is not supported yet by the latest games so it would take a while before players can use the Mythical creature to aid their journey to catch them all.

Nonetheless, it is advised that fans of the franchise should take advantage of this offer as Meloetta is available for a limited time only. Those who will miss this chance might not get any other chance in the future.

Get The New Mythical Magearna

Meanwhile, Pokemon Sun and Moon players have their own Mythical that is arriving also this December, but not until the fifth. Magearna will be distributed until March 5, 2017 through a QR Code, a new distribution system, in the official Pokemon website.

Players who are planning to get it the moment it goes live must complete the main storyline first to access the QR Scanner feature. Fans can also check out how to start the Ultra Beast Quests, which are also newly introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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