World AIDS Day 2016: Campaign For Stigma Awareness

In an effort to rally the private sector in the fight against HIV/AIDS, for nearly three decades every December 1, we've heard about the tragedy of AIDS. It was on this day where activists all over the world have put the spotlight on the AIDS virus. Authorities were found to encourage testing and distribute leaflets with information on HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, including how it spreads and how to keep from getting it. The United Nations Secretariat Building in New York is lighted with the red AIDS ribbon.

AIDS Virus And The World AIDS Day

It was found that couple of days before the annual celebration of World AIDS day, over 250 participants have already registered and confirmed for the upcoming national scientific conference on HIV prevention process billed for Abuja on 29th and 30th of this month. Activists were reported to be preparing for the said event and are said to be on the process of making their plan to let their voices be heard, and as well as to stop the stigma.

According to VOA News, AIDS has already killed 35 million people to date, since the pandemic disease has started. It's left millions of orphans in its wake. Records show that 2 million people acquire the virus annually, and the U.N. estimates that every year, approximately more than 1 million people die from the virus.

Furthermore, ENCA reports that the World Health Organization has even warned the public about the virus and has called for broader access to at-home testing kits. The UN health agency on the other hand has recently revealed that in their 2015 estimates, almost 40 percent of people with the virus that causes AIDS, or more than 14 million people worldwide, are unaware of their status.

As of the present time, experts say that the primary goal is to find a combination of antibodies that can suppress the virus for six months to a year. Then people infected with HIV will no longer have to take medicine every day for the rest of their lives. Additionally, health experts highly emphasizes the fact that that the fight against the global epidemic is not yet over, and the stigma remains high in many parts of the world.

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