Cadillac Just Unveiled Its New 600HP Car, And It Looks Like The Batmobile

Cadillac has proven that they are not just a company that builds luxury cars and limousines, but also powerful sports cars. On Wednesday, they unveiled their newest sports car named the DPi-V.R Racer. The car looks like it came straight out of comic book pages, as it resembles the famous Bat Mobile.

Cadillac Gets Help To Build Their Ultimate Sports Car

According to Business Insider, the company just moved their sales and marketing operations to New York City last year. They are known as a luxury carmaker, however, only a few have noticed that they are also into sports car and is actually a serious player in the world of automotive racing. This year, the company received help from different suppliers to build their competitive new sports car.

Dallara provided the chassis that weighs only 930 kilograms. Other factors included in the car are distinctive elements that can be found in a Caddy such as the light signature, performance wheels, bold style and Brembo brakes. The intake was designed and shaped liked the Cadillac crest, along with cooling vents and air intakes that were designed in the studio. The car packs a massive 600horse power with its naturally aspirated 6.2liter V8 engine. This car can pull at 630-pound feet of torque.

The Mazda Competition

Aside from Cadillac, Mazda has also revealed their 600horse power IMSA racer named the Mazda RT24-P. All the horses come from its 2.0liter four-cylinder engine. This Mazda sits on what they call the Riley Mk.30 chassis that was developed by Riley technologies and Multimac. The two cars will rival each other, along with other cars that still need revealing, at the Rolex 24 race in Daytona Florida. The event is going to be an endurance race that will run for 24 hours straight and will be held next year.

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