The GizmoTab Preview: A Kid-Friendly Tablet

Verizon announced the interface, along with 300 preloaded kid-friendly apps, on its latest children's tablet on Thursday. It's a part of the carrier's Gizmo lineup, including some smartwatches for children that come with monitoring tools for parents. Verizon has begun working on the GizmoTab immediately after its Ellipsis Kids tablet, released last November.

The GizmoTab Some Features 

Instead of rows of app icons, Verizon's new GizmoTab has kids navigating applications by making them in themed islands. Children could make some to Doodle Town to play with the Crayola Color. They can also draw & Sing app or they can also visit Safari Island for Nat Geo Puzzle Explorer. These fun and learning apps feature some iconic brands and characters that children would love and that includes Crayola, also with DreamWorks Animation, Hasbro, The Jim Henson Company, Highlights for Children, HiT Entertainment, National Geographic, Sesame Workshop, Toca Boca and more.

The GizmoTab Quick Specs

Specs-wise, the GizmoTab is a great tablet, an 8-inch display supports HD resolution. Powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, matched with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage which is expandable.
Additionally, to the padded teal-colored body, the software allows both kid-centric tasks and parental management and tracking and this includes usage statistics and cutting off access to specific apps. learning-focused games like Crayola Color, Draw, and Sing and Nat Geo Puzzle Explorer are among the 300 "premium apps" Verizon has made as family-friendly. Comes with Kid's Case which cost $35 and a full plastic hard case with a handle and comes with an oversized stylus and has many colors to choose from.

Everything looks like a surprisingly cohesive bit design.We'd guess it's the same white box supplier that makes the company's exclusive Ellipsis hardware. The tablet will be on sale starting today on the web and Verizon retail stores.

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