Is President Trump Against Having Sex For Fun?

Some people are wondering if President Trump is against people having sex just for the sake of fun. The concern is raised as the president-elect has tapped Tom Price as the director of Health and Human Services. The Georgia congressman is known for his anti-contraception and anti-abortion ideologies.

Price is against the Affordable Care Act. In addition, he wants to stop finding Planned Parenthood, which serves over 2.5 million people each year. Many of them belong to the low-income group. Planned Parenthood's services majorly include STI testing and birth control. Now that federal funds have stopped coming for abortion, the poor population in the United States is going to suffer.

Even those who do not depend on Planned Parenthood are going to be affected by Price's policies. He believes birth control is impeccably affordable even before the ACA. According to him, there was no woman who could not pay for birth control. If it is up to Price, now doctors and insurance companies, and not the government, will decide if a woman is entitled to birth control coverage.

President Trump must understand that long-acting contraceptive methods, which are the most effective ones as well, are the most expensive ones. The reason behind the effectiveness of methods like IUDs is these are the least vulnerable to human error, as people may miss their pill or have their condom broken.

An IUD generally costs as much as $2,600. If it is up to Price, health care providers can easily charge even more than that. Without the ACA, women have to pay $50 in a month. As Jill Filipovic mentions on CNN, $50 may not seem much to President Trump whose women spend $10,000 on bangles.

While there is huge backlash regarding Price's nomination as the HHS leader, the American Medical Association supports it. According to Chairperson Patrice Harris, Price has been an orthopedic surgeon for almost 20 years. He is also the first physician to serve as secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services since 1989.

"That physician background will provide important perspective within the president's cabinet," Healthcare Finance News quoted Harris as saying.

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