Microsoft 2017: Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone Specs, Price And Features

In the latter part of this year, Microsoft held an event where it unveiled some of the best and newest hardware in its line of Surface products. The Surface Book i7 and the Surface Studio were the highlight of the night and the company is still reeling from good press on the devices. However, the Redmond-based company definitely has a few more tricks up its sleeve as 2017 is estimated to see the release of the Surface Pro 5 and the brand new Surface Phone.

Though there are complaints about the Surface Pro 4, the general thoughts on the 2-in-1 device have been positive. Nevertheless, there are definite upgrades to make that Microsoft is sure to address with the Surface Pro 5. According to TechRadar, the upcoming gadget will come with a better battery, a sharper screen and possibly a USB Type-C port -- the price of which should be around US$899.

Furthermore, it might come with a new Surface Pro 5 stylus, which will be an upgrade from the current contender in a very significant way. The publication notes that Microsoft filed a patent earlier this year for a rechargeable battery system. As such, it is estimated that the Surface Pen will come with a rechargeable feature thanks to a magnetic charging dock.

But while the Surface Pro 5 can sit pretty due to the success of its predecessor, the Surface Phone will virtual start out on its own. Right now, there is a lot of media attention on it and public curiosity, but it does not have any proof of what it can do. Nevertheless, various reports are indicating Microsoft is poised to release the device.

According to Yahoo!, the company has already begun its trial period under ODM Pegatron, which is the same company that manufacturers the Surface Studio and Apple's iPhones. There is not much about the Surface Phone making rounds yet, but Microsoft is apparently taking its time in order for the unit to be the best offering in the market. "We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today's market leaders," Microsoft CEO Natya Nadaella said. "But by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device."

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