Final Fantasy XV Tips & Tricks: Best Recipes To Cook For Noctis, Ignis, Prompto & Galdiolus To Boost Stats

By Mario Ferrari , Dec 02, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV brings new recipes that you can cook for your character. Whether you are using Noctis, Ignis, Prompto or Galdiolus, you need to take note that every character has a favorite food to eat and cooking them will give you bonuses and extra rewards. Say, you are feeding your buddies with their fave food, that'll boost their technique leveling stats and warrants critical hits which you'll need during boss fights. Also, giving Noctis his favorite food will increases the fill rate of the technique leveling stats by 100 percent. Here's a guide on which food you have to feed a specific character and how they can affect their performance.

Final Fantasy XV - Favorite Food List Of Noctis

Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich needs Garula Sirloin and Cleaigne Wheat to make. It adds 80 for strength and 200 for HP. To unlock this, you'll to eat hammerhead hot sandwich at the diner in Hammerhead.

Grilled Wild Barramundi requires Barramundi Fillet and Schier Turmeric. It gives additional 80 for strength and 500 for HP. Unlock this by fishing a Crag Barramundi.

Memory Cake needs Ulwat Berries, Leiden Sweet Potato and Fine Cleigne. It adds 500 for magic and unfortunately, zero for strength. You can unlock this by finishing the Berried Memories side quest.

Mother And Child Rice Bowl needs Bridbeast Egg, Chickatric Leg and Saham Rice. It gives additional 1,000 for HP, 30 percent for experience and 50 percent for drop rate. Unlock this by looking at a woman eating this meal at Lestallum's post.

Final Fantasy XV - Favorite Food List Of Gladiolus

Cup Noodles can be unlocked by completing The Perfect Cup (Gladio) side quest. You'll earn addition 80 for strength, 500 for HP and 20 percent for experience from this.

Prairie-style Skewers requires Leidin Pepper and Anak Meat. It gives you additional 40 for strength and 200 for HP. It can be unlocked with cooking skill level 4.

Skewered Wild Trout needs Leiden Pepper and Trout Filler. It gives you additional 150 for strength, 800 for HP and prevents Toad. Unlock by catching a Rainbow Trout.

Final Fantasy XV - Favorite Food List Of Ignis

Breaded Cutlet with Tomato needs Lucian Tomato and Anak Meat. It adds additional 60 for your strength and 250 for HP. It un

Fisherman's Favorite Risotto needs Saxham Rice, Caem Pinkshrimp and Cleigne Mollusk. It gives additional 120 for strength and 200 for HP. Unlock this by completing the Kitty Catering side quest.

Fluffy Chiffon Cake needs Cleigne Wheat and Leiden Sweet Potato. It adds 200 for vitality, 1.25 times for HP recovery rate and 600 for HP. Unlock this at cooking skill level 6.

Final Fantasy XV - Favorite Food List Of Prompto

Cup Noodles gives Prompto additional 30 for strength and 300 for HP. Find the cup noodles wagon at Lestallum.

Peppery Daggerquill Rice requires Saxham Rice, Leiden Pepper and Daggerquill Breast. It adds 80 for strength and 250 for HP. Unlock this by eating bird broth rice with curry meal in Lestallum.

Meldacio Meat Pie requires Dualhorn Steak, Leukorn Steak and Cleigne Wheat. It gives additional 150 for strength, 100 for magic and 500 for HP. Unlock this by eating Mama Ezma's Meat Pie at Meldacio Hunter HQ.

Spicy Long-bone Rib Steak requires Leiden Pepper and Dualhorn Steak. It adds 50 to your strength and 200 to HP. This can be unlocked after the first Dualhorn Steak drops.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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