Samsung Galaxy S4: What The Smartphone May Look Like (Concept Video)

With speculations surrounding the upcoming Samsung smartphone gaining traction as the March 14 launch draws closer, it's hard to find an angle about the Galaxy S4 that hasn't been imagined. 

Taking their cue from the circulating rumors, the folks at GottaBeMobile teamed up with designer Martin Hajek, who in the past has created striking concept images for the iPhone Plus.

The concept images, courtesy of Martin Hajek, show off how the impending Galaxy S4 may look, and the vision is based on the prevalent rumors.

"We partnered with Martin Hajek to come up with these Samsung Galaxy S4 concept images based on what we know about the Galaxy S4 so far, the most probable rumors and Samsung's previous designs," says GottaBeMobile.

The design of the conceptual Galaxy S4 is based on the speculations that the smartphone will be made of plastic. Therefore, the Galaxy S4's design bears an uncanny resemblance to the Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy S3. The concept phone sports a plastic finish as opposed to a metal one.

The Galaxy S4 is also seen sporting an edge-to-edge design and the video shows off the Multi-Window View feature, which takes advantage of the bigger screen.

"The edge-to-edge design allows Samsung to keep the Galaxy S4 size in check, while delivering a large canvas for reading, watching HD movies and playing graphically demanding games. The larger screen will also come in handy when users activate Multi-Window View, a Samsung exclusive feature that allows users to run two apps on the screen at once," notes GottaBeMobile.

Interestingly, even though the Galaxy S4 has a bigger 4.99-inch screen than its predecessor, the concept phone's dimensions are 64.82 x 136.66 x 7.85mm, making the device narrower, thinner and just as tall as the older iteration, the Galaxy S3.

One feature that stands out in the concept video is the addition of the eye-tracking sensor for the Galaxy S4, which would enable users to read without physically scrolling. The conjectured feature will supposedly work thanks to eye movement, which will cause the screen to scroll.

Check out the concept video of the Galaxy S4 below and get a peek into what the smartphone may possibly look like.

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