'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Release Date and Spoilers, Trailer Revealed Online

Viewers of the hit series 'Attack on Titan' have been looking out for updates regarding their favorite show. Fans from all over the world admittedly crave for spoilers and announcements regarding the series. With all the news related to it rising in the online community, which one is more true and reliable?

'Attack On Titan' Storyline Revealed, Here's The Why And The When Of The Series

 According to Inquisitr, the show is all set to release the 2nd season of 'Attack on Titan'. The anime had been part of the viewers' system since 2013 and up until now its supporters remain intact with their admiration on the show.

With this, certain speculations were easily spreading regarding the show. With which, fans are greatly confused as to what is true and what is not. And to top it all, nothing has ever been confirmed as to the release date of the anime series.

Sources told that the show would be part of the scheduled production on spring of next year, 2017. News was also told that the series is all set last November 2014 which was later moved this year. All given schedules were just mere speculations as no one is sure yet regarding the date of its release.

'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Promises To Feature Same Storyline With The Manga Series

On the other hand, spoilers and promotions were released in the online community to fill up the thirst of the show's fans. After watching, some already stored up series of questions that would be later answered by the upcoming episodes. Viewers of the show were in great admiration as the series releases the same storyline as to the manga series.

The show raked many viewers and already created an established fan base that would want to get a glimpse of the series every day.

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