Angelina Jolie Still Stressed Over Divorce With Brad Pitt, Actress Reportedly Not Eating And Chainsmoking

The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce has been one of the controversial issues this 2016. With people losing empathy on both sides, Angelina Jolie seems to suffer the consequences of their decision of separating ways. Jolie is reportedly losing her value in health and is addicted to smoking.

Angelina Jolie Tagged As Chain Smoker, Health Condition Suffers After Divorce With Brad Pitt

According to Inquistr, the Hollywood actress largely depended on smoking ever since her emotional divorce with Allied actor. Sources even told that the Jolie can finish two packs per day due to stress and anxiety. Reports stated:

 "Angie doesn't eat, she chain-smokes"

 "She easily goes through two packs a day."

 "The cigarettes kill her appetite, but she's already skin and bones'

 "The last thing she should be doing is skipping meals!"

"Going up against Brad has been the hardest thing Angie's every faced"

"She's stressed out, and in a constant state of anxiety."
With this, fans are in great hopes that Jolie would stop her vices as her family is so prone with cancer and sickness. It was remembered that Jolie had to undergo series of medical surgeries to prevent disease from running on her body. But with what she is doing, some says that she is wasting all the treatment she had done before.

Angelina Jolie Faces Orphanage Issues, Brad Pitt Happy With Kate Hudson

On the other hand, both parties are undergoing series of controversies these past few days. Jolie was reportedly missing out on her visit in an orphanage in Vietnam where he adopted Pax. The staffs are already missing the young boy and are expecting a great number of donations from Angelina.

"We're a government orphanage, so we always get their support," Nguyen Kim Xuyen, a worker at the orphanage, explained. "However, we still need more money to buy food and provide [the orphans] better living conditions. We only get [£43] per month, which is nowhere near enough."

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is allegedly seeing Kate Hudson. The two were reportedly dating each other, a great indicator that the actor is still feeling good even after his divorce with Angelina Jolie.

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