WikiLeaks Releases More Than 2,000 Files Revealing The Cooperation Of Germany Spy Agency And The NSA

Non-profit organization WikiLeaks released 2,420 relating to the German parliamentary inquiry into the cooperation between the German spy agency - the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) - and the National Security Agency (NSA). The disclosure consists of 90 GB trove of information from several agencies -which features press reactions, admin documents, agreements, and correspondence- including 33 documents from the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), 72 from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), 125 from the spy agency BND, and more.

Germany´s Leadership In The EU Could Be Compromised

According to the International Business Times, some of the documents revealed alleged spying agreements between the BND and the NSA regarding the XKescore spy program, in which a staffer of the German spy agency was tasked with contributing to it. In a release, the radical transparency organization explained that the disclosure showed a detailed insight into the mechanics of the inquiry and agencies themselves.

By his part, WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange said that these revelations disallowed Germany´s leadership role within the European Union (EU), considering how its parliamentary processes are subjugated to the interests of the state that doesn't belong to the EU. Naturally, this is a situation that put Angela Merkel´s government in a delicate situation, considering the upcoming elections and the way in which many countries are betting to a new geopolitical order in which the EU could disappear, or lose its power in the continent.

The Spy Agency Files Comes After BND Chief Told That Russian Hackers Would Interfere With The Elections

According to Express, Assange also explained that the substantial body of the evidence released, clearly proves that documents from NSA former analyst Edward Snowden have been used by the inquiry, which shows its cowardice to everyone since it hasn't allowed him to testify about the content of the documents.

The German spy agency files came just after WikiLeaks published another classified document in which it was revealed the U.S. involvement in the Yemen´s civil war, arming the Yemeni forces. As it was reported in a previous article, BND president Bruno Kahl said that state-sponsored Russian hackers are going to interfere with the German elections, which made people believe that WikiLeaks disclosures about the spy agency could also be related to it.

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