iPhone 6 Smart Stylus Rumors Surface: Is There Anything To Them?

Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave, as yet another round of less-than-credible rumors about an Apple stylus hit the web.

At Macworld 2007, where the original iPhone was unveiled, Jobs famously berated the peripheral as a clunky and graceless mode of input: "So what are we gonna do? Oh, a stylus, right? We're gonna use a stylus. No. Who wants a stylus?"

The audience erupted in laughter and the rest was history.

This however did not prevent the Sun - shining beacon of British tabloid journalism - from reporting on Tuesday that a so called "Smart Pen" would come built into the iPhone 6. It's unclear what exactly would be "smart" about the stylus, and the paper attributed the information simply to "the rumour mill." Maybe that means something different in the UK.

The rumor should be treated with a massive overdose of salt. While the Sun is indeed highly regarded for its celebrity voyeurism, it's not particularly known in technology circles.

An IBTimes article seconded the rumor and added its own invaluable twist to the story. The writer suggests that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S will come with a stylus, then makes the astute observation that this would be "like Samsung Galaxy Note 2."

The "rumour mill" had even more treats, though. IBTimes reports that aside from the stylus, Apple groupies can also look forward to an A7 quad core processor and an indium gallium zinc oxide display manufactured by Sharp.

According to the article, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S will also be capable of snapping "Super-HD" photographs. It turns out "Super-HD" is not a recognized metric of anything, but IBTimes was nonetheless able to infer that in order to facilitate "Super-HD," Apple would need to pack a 13-megapixel camera into its new handsets.  

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