Pokemon Sun And Moon Secrets: NPCs That Gives Free Rare Pokemon

In 'Pokemon Sun and Moon', there are many NPCs willing to help you as you progress through the game. And the best of them are probably the ones who will give you not just any free Pokemon but those that are really hard to find like Eevee, Porygon, Type: Null and Aerodactyl. However, finding them all are not as easy as it seems as they're scattered around Alola Region. And this article will provide their exact location and how players will receive the rare Pokemon.

How to Get a Free Eevee in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'?

To get a free Eevee in the game, players just need to have access to Alola Region's second island, Akala. Once there, head to Paniola Ranch and speak with the woman behind the main desk to receive an Eevee egg. The egg will be given in the player's first visit in the ranch and they will need to incubate the Pokemon to get an Eevee.

How to Get a Free Porygon in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'?

Players will also receive a free Porygon in the game but they will have to wait until they can go to Alola Region's fourth island, Ula'ula. Just head to the Aether House back to Route 15 and speak with the clerk in the house. However, to receive Porygon, players should have completed the game's story and is already the champion of Alola.

How to Get Free Aerodactyl in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'?

For a free Aerodactyl, players must have access to Huntail House located in the Seafolk Village in Alola Region's third island, Poni. Just talk to the trainer in the corner and players will immediately receive the famous Aerodactyl.

How to Get Free Type: Null in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'?

To receive one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, players must already be the champion of Alola Region. Just head back to Aether Paradise and speak with Gladion inside the conservation area. Aside from Type: Null, players will also receive information how to evolve the Pokemon.

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