Russia Claims That Foreign Spies Want To Sabotage Its Banks With Cyber Strikes

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has claimed that foreign spies want to disrupt the country´s financial system on December 5, through a major cyber strike that could cause an incredible damage. Without saying which could be the nations involved in this conspiracy, Russia also stated that the main goal from the foreign spies is to sabotage the most important banks in several dozen cities.

The Foreign Spies Could Be Using A Ukrainian Hosting Firm

According to the International Business Times, the FSB did revealed that the command and control centers that would be used for the attack, are registered to a Ukrainian hosting firm named BlazingFast, which is located in the Netherlands. Also, it stated that the cyber strike method would be a mass send-out of publications and SMS messages in many social media networks of a provoking nature in relation to an alleged crisis in the credit and banking system in the country.

Giving this situation, the director of the Ukrainian hosting firm, Anton Onoprichuk explained that the FSB hasn't contacted him, saying that although he´s waiting for further information, he would cooperate with the Russian authorities in the investigation regarding BlazingFast. Also, Onoprichuk stated that it is completely possible that his business could be exploited to stage a cyber strike, giving the fact that if you rent a server in any hosting company, you can execute an attack from it, and in most of the cases it wouldn't be detected before is done.

Many Believes That This Could Be Some Kind Of Retaliation

According to CNN, the Dutch ministry of Security and Justice explained that Netherlands is totally aware that its infrastructure could be used for hackers and cyber criminals to execute an attack elsewhere in the world. Also, the ministry said that if this situation occurs on December 5 just as the FSB is claiming, it is up to the Russian authorities to decide when to start an investigation, and the Dutch authorities could offer its assistance.

Although it is not known what is going to happen, many believes that foreign spies would want to do this in retaliation for what happened with the U.S. presidential elections, in which the government and intelligence agencies blamed Russia for wanting to interfere with the political event.

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