iPhone 5S And iOS 7: Foxconn Starting Up For Summer Release?

It looks like those rumors of an iPhone 5S summer launch are shaping up to be very credible. A new report is saying that Apple has already begun production of the iPhone 5S through its manufacturing partner Foxconn.

Sources are saying that Foxconn has already begun and has ramped up production of the iPhone 5's successor. Since Apple is using basically the same design in the iPhone 5S that is already using in the iPhone 5, Foxcon has been able to produce more models at a much faster rate. It could be a sing that Apple does not want any supply constraints to affect the iPhone 5S like it saw with the iPhone after it was released.

Apple has made it a tradition to launch a newly designed iPhone and follow it up with practically the same exact design, but with enough added features that it will make many current owners to upgrade. The iPhone 4S will forever be known as the first smartphone with a virtual assistant. Apple is smart in that it offered a brand new feature no other company had thought of, and it was enough to make even most iPhone 4 users upgrade just to get to speak to Apple's virtual assistant.

Some are wondering what Apple has up its sleeve when it releases the iPhone 5S. Will there be a huge feature that will make it very compelling to upgrade current iPhones for? If the rumors are true, we know what to expect in the iPhone 5S. Apple has always upgraded the processor, RAM, and camera in its iPhone modes ending with "S." A Super HD display and fingerprint scanning on the Home button are rumored features to tempt current iPhone owners to upgrade when the smartphone is released. Apple is going to need to add enough compelling features to the iPhone 5S and iOS 7, since it will be going head to head with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which will be upgradable to Android 5 Key Lime Pie. The rumored features of the Galaxy S4 sound more innovate than Apple's current iPhone 5S rumors.

Rumors are just that. Do you think Apple will offer enough compelling features in the iPhone 5S to compete with Samsung? Should we expect to see iOS 7 in the summer? Should Apple still even be releasing "S" smartphones? Let us know in the comments.

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