Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding Trailer Revealed At Native 4K Run; Hidden Details Discovered

Death Stranding from Sony Interactive and Hideo Kojima have recently stirred up the gaming market with a new trailer. The game teaser reportedly revealed the "Hannibal" actor on the forthcoming open world action game. Moreover, Death Stranding is also expected to roll out with 4K rendering.

The Death Stranding designer and producer Hideo Kojima was recently spotted at The Game Awards 2016. The event reportedly became the platform for the 53-year old game creator to unleash the new trailer. Furthermore, the Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen was also revealed to be included on Death Stranding. Previously, Mikkelsen was also seen in Star Wars: Rogue One as well as in Doctor Strange.

The teaser for Death Stranding reportedly begins with a heavily-inflicted setting undergoing war. A man in a suit who apparently resembles Director Guillermo del Toro was also seen holding a premature baby in a glass case. Later on, the soldiers were able to discover Mads Mikkelsen with smirking slyly who is believed to be a villain in Death Stranding.

In Death Stranding, Mikkelsen has further been noted to resemble a Metal Gear Solid character. In addition, Death Stranding is reportedly set on coming out with 4K support. Death Standing is further slated to roll out on the PS4 Pro console.

In other news, the storyline and plot of Death Stranding is yet to be revealed. The trailers that have been launched reportedly focus on the setting alone. Apparently, Sony Interactive has also kept mum on the release date of Death Stranding. On the other hand, Kojima is believed to add more cinephiles into the game.

Death Stranding is also believed to feature The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus. Previously, Kojima also released a playable teaser for a short time. The Death Stranding trailer has also been noted as disconcerting, unsettling and a nightmare. In contrast, the trailer has also gained praises for stunning visuals. Watch the 4K Rendering of Death Stranding here:

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