Chrome 26 Beta For Android: More Speed, Less Data Usage, Saved Passwords And More

On Wednesday, Feb. 27 Google released Chrome 25, which tweaked overall performance and new playback features. 

On Tuesday, March 5 — less than a week later — Google announced the release of Chrome 26 Beta for Android. Because Google's Chrome 26 is still in beta status, it cannot be searched for.

Those interested in downloading Google's Chrome 26 are not out of luck, however, as Google Play allows for immediate download of version 26.0.1410.26.

"Tired of filling out web forms on your Android phone or tablet with the same information, time and time again?" Google asks on its release about Chrome 26. "When you've signed in to Chrome on your desktop, you can take your saved passwords and autofill entries across your computers and laptops."

Google goes on to state in its release that Chrome 26 Beta also allows the user to access these new features from his or her phone/tablet, as well.

"This makes for a faster and simpler way to fill out forms, especially handy on a small screen," Google says.

Along with the necessity of downloading Chrome 26 for Android through Google Play only right now, Google cautions users to "make sure you are on the latest beta version of desktop Chrome."

As the feature will "roll out in the coming days," users are further reminded that they may not see it immediately after downloading.

The Next Web had previously discussed Google's experimenting with the brand of data compression featured in Chrome 26 Beta as recently as Saturday, March 2.  

At that time, Google merely mentioned that the feature it was working on would "[r]educe data consumption by loading optimized web pages via Google proxy servers."

"The company claims it yields 'substantial bandwidth savings' and confirmed it is powered by a connection to a SPDY proxy running on its servers," The Next Web says, noting that SPDY is not an acronym but rather a diminutive of "speedy." SPDY is furthermore "a protocol developed primarily at Google to improve browsing by forcing SSL encryption for all sites and speeding up page loads."

Concentrating heavily on fine-tuning Chrome for Android specifically, Google is "leveraging 'content optimization performed by [its] open-source PageSpeed libraries, specifically tuned for Chrome Beta on Android."

Google's Chrome 26 for Android is expected to be officially launched some time in April.

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