What's The Future Of iPhone: Rumors, Predictions And Expectations

At this point in time we are at a point where the iPhone 8 has already been "fully" revealed despite Apple's silence on the matter. What we're trying to say is that there have already been a bunch of leaks and rumors pertaining to Apple's 2017 release. It's almost like the phone has already been revealed in its entirety. Of course, these rumored specs and features of the iPhone 8 cannot be 100 percent accurate. However, there is a good chance that the rumored traits of the alleged iPhone 8 will be near actuality. There should be some minor misinformation like what happened to previous iPhones. Before the iPhone SE was released, the rumor was about Apple releasing a small iPhone 6 model. Before the iPhone 7 series was released the rumor was that three models would be introduced.

Needless to say, at this point, the iPhone 8 rumor mill might already be going downwards. What's starting to spark interest now is whether or not Apple is able to continue its smartphone innovation after the iPhone 8. Is there really more room for improvement? What should be the future technology in smartphones? It's kind of interesting what will be up for the iPhone 8S, iPhone 9 and so on.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

Tech Radar says the iPhone 8 is bound for a September 2017 release. As per all the rumors, the next Apple flagship will have an all-glass exterior (front and back). With that, the home button will be ditched and the cameras and the fingerprint scanner will be placed underneath the display. Furthermore, there should be multiple models to be revealed. Some say there will be two while other say there will be three. Nonetheless, only one model is expected to have the "premium" features like having a curved screen. Needless to say, the iPhone 8 could be the most changed iPhone ever. With that said, what would the future iPhones look like?

Future Apple iPhones

With all those changes expected to arrive to the iPhone 8, it's hard to imagine what improvements will be given to the future iPhones. There have been rumors about Apple's desire to use foldable displays in the future but it's still uncertain whether or not it will be happening on the 2018 iPhone. If the company is indeed opting for flip iPhones, it would be quite amusing seeing the smartphone trend slide back to the past. Nevertheless, if Apple would indeed release foldable smartphones, there is a good chance that the consumers will appreciate it very much. Going back to where it all started isn't a very bad idea considering how many people are naturally used to holding flip phones. Needless to say, Apple hasn't really confirmed this feature, and so far, the alleged "flip smartphone" is still a patent that Apple has been granted.

As of now, the only sure thing about the next iPhones whether they'll be iPhone 8S or iPhone 9, is that they will have improved internals. The RAM sizes, processors and GPUs could all improve. However, it's hard to predict the future of smartphone features. We've seen how Apple was able to introduce new features over the years. It all started with the fingerprint scanner. Afterwards we've been introduced to the 3D Touch, the split screen view and now to the dual camera system. With that said, fans can just expect more innovation from Apple in the future.

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