‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 512, 513, 514 Spoilers, News, Updates: Upcoming Chapters Focus On Anna; Will Natsu Die In Sting’s Fight With Larcade?

In "Fairy Tail" chapter 512 entitled "Sting the White Shadow Dragon," Sting continues fighting Larcade in order to protect Natsu. But Sting can't seem to overcome Natsu as his light power appears to have no effect on him. As their battle intensifies, Larcade uses his "Sleep of Eternal Death" against Sting.

Natsu's Life Is Connected With Zeref

This type of attack can overcome humans and Acnologia. As a result, Sting becomes drowsy. The Rogue tells him to join with his shadow through gravity and by the help of Kagura. In "Fairy Tail" chapter 512 Sting will be successful in doing this and will be able to overcome Larcade.

Meanwhile, Rogue is leading Natsu through his heart. He tells him about his Igneel scale scarf. Rogue says that these scales will brighten up when they fall off from the body of the dragon. In truth, it was not Igneel who made the scarf, but Anna was the one who created it. The guide of Natsu then changed into Zeref. He then reveals that he will die soon but the ultimate answer is also very near. It was also disclosed in "Fairy Tail" chapter 512 that if Zeref will die, so will Natsu.

Here Are Some Spoilers For Chapters 513 And 514

The title of "Fairy Tail" chapter 513 is "Flower." Anna will be the main focus of this chapter. She is the woman who created the scarf of Natsu and she looks just like Lucy. Because of their similar features, they could be related to each other.

"Fairy Tail" chapter 513 will also reveal whether Natsu will be killed or if he will survive. Considering that if Zeref dies, and Natsu will die with him, will they still continue fighting their enemy to defeat him? This chapter will reveal what will happen to the two.

There are also some spoilers about "Fairy Tail" chapter 514. This chapter will have the title "Origin of Dragons." As the title implies, this chapter will dwell on the history of the Dragons. It will also reveal why Irene is called the Queen of Dragons. This chapter will also give some background about the shrouded past of Erza.

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