Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Eliminate A Cactuar

Final Fantasy XV has tons of unique for fans to battle and engage with. Based on the previous Final Fantasy game titles, some of these creatures are somewhat hilarious. However, they can offer the players some impressive rewards. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XV's one way of getting experience points is to find and kill a Cactuar. Thankfully, a guide is now leaked online pointing to the location of these creatures and how to eliminate them.

According to the report from Game Rant, Cactuar is known as a senseless but rewarding creature. This dancing cactus can be found lurking in Leide outskirts. Players will be rewarded with a great amount of experience points especially for a low-level enemy when they successfully killed a Cactuar. In addition, the creature also drops some useful coins. Cactuar is an extremely rare being that comes in three forms, the Cactuar, the Slactuar and the Gigantuar.

Based on the report, all forms are tough to find. However, below is a Final Fantasy XV guide to assist players on finding these creatures. The guide reveals that the best way of finding either a Cactuar or Slactuar is in Leide which is located just a little northwest of Hammered and a bit north of Longwythe. In addition, players had also find these creatures in Duscae that is usually lurks around Perpetouss Keep.

These might be the best places to find a Cactuar. However, they will still not spawn when players visit the area. Apparently, players were recommended to use a summoning whistle. It will keep enemies from spawning and will eventually spawn a Cactuar. In addition, players should start looking for Cactuar early in the morning which is around 5am since the creatures most spawn is within this time.

Upon eliminating a Cactuar, players are suggested to use Daggers and Guns. They move fast and will run away quickly. That means players will have to hurry in killing them before they run away. It is also worth noting that they resist fire spells while thunder and ice spells are decent.

On the other hand, Gigantuar would not spawn in similar area as the Cactuar and Slactuar. Fortunately, it will make its appearance during a hunt which means players will have a chance to see a Gigantuar as they progressed though the game.


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