Moto X 2017 Photos Leaked

After the release of Motorola's Moto Z line, rumors of a new Moto X have surfaced.

The Moto X line will likely have a 2017 model if the leaked images are true. The hands-on images were leaked by TechDroider.

Unfortunately, the images are the only things that have come out as news regarding the possible new Moto X. Specifications and other details such as price, release date and even an announcement have yet to be heard.

However, there are a few details that can be picked up from the leaked images.

First, the rumored 2017 Moto Z comes in gold. The phone seems to be made up of "a metal frame or a fully metallic construction", as described by GSMArena. There is also a fingerprint scanner on the phone's front while a camera is situated at its rear. The rear camera has a dual-LED flash and is located within a round protruding area which is similar to how the Moto Z was designed.

On the other hand, the phone in the leaked image had no pins on the back's lower side indicating that it will not support the Moto Mods. This fact is proof that the leaked phone is not part of the Moto Z line. Lenovo has also mentioned that the high-end Moto phones that will be released in 2017 will all support the Moto Mods. If that is the case, then the device in the leaked photos is indeed not a Moto Z and more likely a Moto X.

Interestingly, the leaked device also looks similar to the Moto M. Both phones have the same metal chassis.

Digital Trends estimates that the new Moto X phone will as impressive as the Moto Z and even previous Moto Z devices. While it does expect the Moto X 2017 to have decent specs, Digital Trends mentioned that the X line is no longer Motorola's flagship phone. That distinction now belongs to the Moto Z.

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