Death Stranding's Game Engine Rumored To Be 'Decima', Based Off Engine From Guerilla Games

Hideo Kojima just received the video game industry icon award from the recent Game Awards. After Geoff Keighley' tear-jerking speech honoring Kojima, the game industry icon went on centerstage and expressed his thanks to everyone. Afterwards, when everyone thought he'd be exiting the stage, Kojima came back to the mic stand and said he'd give a treat to everybody. Death Stranding had its second preview trailer on the event and wowed everyone.

It started off with a man in a suit walking nervously with a baby on a big test tube within his arms. The man was revealed to be Guillermo del Toro's likeness. When the trailer neared its end, a group of soldiers popped out from darkness led by the likeness of Mads Mikkelsen. Everyone was pleased seeing both personalities in the trailer. Norman Reedus wasn't in the second trailer for Death Stranding but his name was flashed at the end credit.

Since hype has been built up for the game, fans can't help but ask what engine will the game be. It was already reported that Death Stranding will not be using Sucker Punch's engine so people are looking at other providers and started to speculate. Fortunately, some of us are keen enough to notice clues on the trailer broadcasted at The Game Awards 2016.

When you study the trailer and pause at the credits part right before the video ends, check the lower left portion of the screen. You will see 'Decima' with a logo along side PS4 and Kojima Productions' logos. This might be not enough evidence but Kojima has this habit of embedding everything within a game trailer, including the game engine.

However, we can conclude the fact that Death Stranding's in-house engine is based off from Guerilla Games engine and a NeoGAF post backs this up. So, with that said, we can speculate that the engine's name might be 'Decima' since the word is something new and is placed beside familiar logos that we know they have much to do with Death Stranding.

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