Final Fantasy XV Update: What Will Be Included In December DLC Pack? Find Out Here

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Dec 03, 2016 09:05 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV has just been released and Square Enix is already planning to release an update this month. The DLC pack will include new features to be added in the game and a new way to challenge the player against himself.

Final Fantasy XV Will Be Getting A December Update

Fans are going crazy about Final Fantasy XV. But the real reason to get excited in the game is that it will have the first major update this month. According to iDigital Times, a new plus game mode will be included as well as a level limiter feature.

The developer is thinking about Luna's role in the game. The character is Noctis' fiancee, who is speculated to soon be a playable character in Final Fantasy XV. Even if the DLC pack is for free for everyone, the players who bought the season pass for $24.99 will have a better version of the update.

The DLC pack of Final Fantasy XV will let the game experience Christmas because decorations will be hanging on the surroundings. Players will be feeling the holiday season because of the pack. Square Enix will be releasing the DLC pack before this month ends.

Is Mystery Disk Finally Coming To Final Fantasy XV?

Players are still asking Square Enix if Mystery Disk will be included in the upcoming pack. Unfortunately, they have to wait a little longer. But the developer is planning to release it anytime soon. Director Hajime Tabata said it during a live interview.

According to Techno Buffalo, Mystery Disk will include Prompto, Noctic's friend who will be the one to fight the super boss in the upcoming event. Fans need to wait a little longer in order to experience the soon-to-be-releaseded event.

Final Fantasy XV fans are really eager to explore the new world that was introduced to them. Hopefully, more of DLC packs to come will give the players another level of excitement in order to keep the game's popularity going.

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