‘Vikings’ Season 4B Spoilers, News And Updates: Sons of Ragnar Will Take Over The Kingdom? Will This Be His Last Appearance?

"Vikings" season 4B will treat its avid fans with farewells and what appear to be some premonitions on what are about to happen to Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) for this season. The show will again air on Wednesday nights to regale its die-hard fans. Season 2 features the return of Ragnar to Kattegat and his trip to England that followed thereafter.

Ragnar Confesses His Love For Loki

In one scene of episode 11 of "Vikings" season 4B, Ragnar is talking to Loki before his departure to England. He informs Loki of his love which is the thing that Loki has been waiting to hear from him. Loki then says to Ragnar that he also loves him.

A report from EW indicates that "Vikings" season 4B will feature a dramatic change in Loki. He will have a self-introspection and this will lead to extraordinary results. The fact that Ragnar confessed his love for him will have an impact on the development of the story.

Ragnar will also visit Lagertha in episode 11 of "Vikings" season 4B. He will ask for her forgiveness and will tell her how he regrets to let her go. They will even seal their talk with a kiss. This season will feature a new era in the history of the Vikings. It will expand beyond the story of Ragnar and will encompass the travels and adventures of his five sons.

Why The Fourth Season Will Feature Ragnar's Sons

"We know that the historical Ragnar's greatest fear was that his sons might become more famous than he was. In fact, at least historically speaking, at least two of the sons did," said Michael Hirst, the creator of the show in an interview with TVGuide.com. According to Hirst, this is the reason why the fourth season will also dwell on Ragnar's five sons as they try to build their own turf.

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