DJI Mavic Pro Vs DJI Inspire 2: Compact Drone And Dual-cam Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Vs DJI Inspire 2: Compact Drone And Dual-cam Drone
DJI's latest drones are both best in their own fields. Photo : DJI / YouTube

DJI is one of the top drone makers in the world, and while each of their drone is competitive and amazing, not all of their units are perfect for everybody. The company has a wide array of drones to choose from. Depending on your needs, there should be one DJI drone that's more perfect for you than the others. For instance, those who need the Mavic Pro highly likely do not need the Inspire 2. These two drones are both amazingly competitive but each of them target a different market. Here's a quick overview of the DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Inspire 2.

DJI Mavic Pro Overview

The Mavic Pro is pretty much a traveler's buddy. Those who like to go nature tripping out of town would appreciate the Mavic Pro very much. This drone is very compact in size which means packing it up is in no way a hassle. Gadgets are usually bulky, and travelers hate it. Luckily for drone cam users, the Mavic Pro was released. It is pretty much one of the best drones ever with its intelligent features, compact body and easy usage. Sure, there are minor flaws but nothing that can be considered a deal breaker.

The DJI Mavic Pro is also reasonably priced at $999 (starting price). It also has an easy-grip controller with a monochrome screen that shows flight data. It may not have a display screen natively, but you can just connect your smartphone so you can see what your drone sees. CNET says you can control your Mavic Pro with your phone for up to an 80-meter distance. Furthermore, the source says that the Mavic Pro's camera is 4K enabled. It can also shoot 12 MP images in Adobe raw or JPEG.

Needless to say, the Mavic Pro's or perhaps DJI drones' intelligent flying features are probably what makes the drone a top choice over other brands. This super-compact drone has ActiveTrack, DJI's subject tracker, and it is used for literally any usual subject. With this feature, the Mavic Pro is able to follow a certain subject from different angles. The drone could follow in front, from behind, or along the side of the subject. It could even do a circling following.

Additionally, selfie capture is also a joy to do with the Mavic Pro. It has Gesture mode which lets users use hand gestures to get the drone cam to focus and capture a photo. Needless to say, it's probably Mavic Pro's obstacle avoidance sensors that makes it both a beginner and an expert's favorite drone. It can sense objects up to 15m in front of it and it also has belly sensors that help it avoid hitting the ground accidentally. Its Terrain Follow mode also amazingly makes the drone fly at the same height despite steep slopes. The Mavic Pro also has a Sport mode, Tripod Mode and Precision Landing system that practically make it one of the smartest drones ever.

DJI's website say that the Mavic Pro can fly 27 minutes and has a speed of 65 kmh. Furthermore, it has a 3-axis gimbal and 4K resolution. If you want to order the Mavic Pro, you can pre-order from their site and expect a 6-8 week shipping. You can also hit the 'In Stock Reminder' button if you don't want to pre-order.

DJI Inspire 2 Overview

The DJI Inspire 2 is more like a pro-level camera drone. It's pretty much for people who do videography for a living, rather than just shoot videos for a hobby. This is sort of indicated by the drone's price and its super high-end features. It is a dual-cam drone which means that videographers and film maker's would all appreciate it. On top of its superb video footage, it is also equipped with two batteries. This means that if the drone uses up all its power in its 100 kph and 27 min flying, you can hot-swap the used up batt for the new one. As per Forbes, DJI's goal is to help its TV and film market save time.

Just like most drones from DJI, the Inspire 2 is just as smart that it can get. It even has a First Person View feature so an operator can fly the drone while another person controls what the camera does. Since the Inspire 2 is a pro-level high-end drone, it also shoots 4K (up to 60 fps). It also has two options for its front camera and one of which is the Zenmuse X5s that has interchangeable lenses.

For a starting price of around $4000 depending on your camera of choice, the Inspire 2 should be worth every penny spent on it, especially if it is used to make a living. It is a smart drone that aims to avoid collisions and it also offers superb footage. Basically, the DJI Inspire 2 is every videographer's top choice.

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