GTA V Online Leak: Upcoming DLC Reveals Lots Of Exotic Vehicles

GTA V Online is expected to launch additional contents this December. The Import/Export feature is expected to bring a load of expensive and exotic vehicles that players could steal.

Import/Export to Boom this December

Criminal CEOs and their organizations in GTA V Online will need to expand their operation if they want to take advantage of the hot cars and bikes going their way, according to the official Rockstar site. "Liberating" the merchandise from their owners though will take some degree of planning and sophistication.

A simple brawn power is no longer enough in the latest GTA V Online upcoming expansion. The owners have put up heavy security to protect their assets. CEO will also have to contend their rivals who are also planning in taking the vehicles for themselves. Law enforcement agencies are also keeping a close eye on your group.

The GTA V Online DLC will also include new strange but functional vehicles that your organization can use to boost the target vehicles. There are rumors as to what kind of vehicles can be expected from the additional contents but it's still early to tell if such speculations have any basis right now.

Build an Impressive Showroom

After successfully stealing these exotic and high end cars, it's time to move and sell the merchandise. GTA V Online players will need to build office spaces, warehouses and showrooms to accommodate the loot. Expect to acquire as much as 60 vehicles that would require some modifications and customizations.

Some of the vehicles that will be included in the DLC can be previewed in the official site. No details yet has been released by Rockstar although data miners have been posting claims that the various vehicles are being hidden thorough the use of codenames. So far, GTA V Online player would have to wait for a few more days for the update to come.

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