Nokia Glam Me App Now Available For Windows 8 Phones

After showing off its Glam Me app at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Nokia is now releasing the app for Windows 8 phones.

The Nokia Glam Me is a lens app that allows the user to more easily modify and enhance his or her self-portrait.

MyNokiaBlog's reviewer notes that with the Nokia Glam Me app, the user can take his/her self-portrait and "make [his/her] eyes bigger, change [his/her] skin tone ... and you can also do these kind of 'fun' features."

These "fun" features include a series of special effects such as putting your picture on a magazine cover or this "kind of 'pop art' type of thing." The user can also give his/her self-portrait a watercolor appearance or change the color scale to black and white.

The portrait can even be given an oil painting treatment which, as the reviewer notes, is "really cool."

Photos edited through Nokia's Glam Me app can be easily shared through Facebook or other social media and it's free.

"Good little application," the reviewer says. "Good fun."

Phones Review feels that the addition of the Nokia Glam Me app is an example of Microsoft's feeble attempts at getting the Windows 8 platform on the same level as rivals Android and iOS, whose apps offering have long blown WP8's out of the water.

"There are a number of fun applications like this already available on Android and iOS that basically allow users to take a self-portrait and then alter the image in one way or another," Phones Review says.

Other features Phones Reviews mentions one can employ with the Nokia Glam Me app include: the whitening of one's teeth in the picture, the softening of the image and (clearing up the "making your eyes bigger" statement by the MyNokiaBlog reviewer) "adjust[ing] the eyes to make them look more open, which may prove useful after a heavy night."

Further filters not previously mentioned include: violet, fresh, sketch and lomo.

Phones Review's own demo video can be seen here.

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