Manager Of A Big Technology Company In Taiwan Arrested For Stealing $1.56 Million Worth Of Apple iPhones

Foxconn former manager has stolen around 5,700 units of the Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s between 2013 and 2014. The theft was done in one of Foxconn's facilities in China. Here are some details regarding with that serious matter.

Foxconn Former Manager Allegedly Stole $1.5 Million Worth Of iPhones

The Taiwanese manager, Tsai, worked in the testing department of a Foxconn facility in Shenzhen, China. According to some sources, he instructed eight different employees to bootleg the gadgets out of the factory. The stolen handsets were supposedly be scrapped, but they delivered it to Shenzhen stores instead, approximately around $1.56 million for Tsai and his accomplices, according to the New Taipei district prosecutor's office.

Foxconn reported the case to Taiwanese authorities and ensued an internal audit and Tsai was interrogated after he went back to the island earlier this year and however, was released on bail. Former Foxconn manager was charged with breach of trust and faces with a maximum 10-year jail term stated by prosecutors. Foxconn has been hit with defamation in recent years from employee malpractice to labor disputes.

Foxconn Scandal Exploitation Of Chinese Workers

Foxconn assuredly has a storied history when it comes to employee-related issues and scandals. Two years ago, reported from some sources, Foxconn former five employees were also charged with breach of trust after allegedly soliciting roughly $5 million in kickbacks from Foxconn suppliers in exchange for passing quality checks. These five individuals were conclusively sentenced to over 10 years in prison by a Taipei district court (though their transgression seems more relentless than stealing phones that were meant to be scrapped).

The company, Foxconn itself, also has a less than leading reputation as an employer and has come under scrutiny for employee suicides and the use of underage workers in the past few years. In any case, this looks like the lesson to be learned from this latest case is coherent - don't ever steal from your employer. It really, really doesn't end so well.

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