Apple Needs To Hire Teenagers To Develop It's Social Media Strategy

Earlier this year, Apple launched an official Twitter account to promote the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In addition, Apple has also been quietly running an official verified Facebook page for months as well. The two social media accounts are legit and were confirmed by the company. Despite the Twitter and Facebook accounts, rumors suggest that Apple must hire teens to develop the company's social media strategy.

Apple Needs To Hire Teenagers To Develop It's Social Media Strategy

Aside from the Twitter and Facebook accounts, Apple has been running music-related social accounts for years, but its willingness to create official accounts for Apple itself is a relatively new development. But according to Business Insider, both accounts of Apple show exactly zero activity. If you visit the Apple's official Twitter page, you'll see that it has never tweeted. Apple's Facebook page has a bare wall as well.

Instead, Apple uses the accounts to buy advertisements for its latest products, like the iPhone 7, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch. These posts are "dark social," which means that Apple is taking advantage of advertising tools to promote posts that don't show up on the main account's feed, BI added on their published post. This approach, while logical, seems to miss social media's particular advantages.

According to Apple recruitment site, Apple Store employees are unique individuals whose varied talents and experiences bring value to the way they connect people with Apple. So whether you’re analytical or creative, tech-savvy or a people person, the Apple Store provides an ideal opportunity to challenge yourself.

Apple's Unique Approach

"Brands should actually be more selective right now given that major social media channels typically require paid media budgets to amplify messages to a wide audience," says David Berkowitz, CMO at creative and technology agency MRY. However, Berkowitz also says it's hardly a best practice for Apple to ignore, even neglect, its loyal user base.

As per CIO, Apple's minimalist presence on social media seems to bear no impact on the company and its generally positive perception among customers. It's generally a bad idea for brands to follow Apple's approach to social media, thereby lacking a centrally managed brand presence.
If ever you think you are able to help apple regarding this matter, you may apply to them. Who knows maybe you were the key they are waiting for.


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