Here’s What Weather In Venus Must Be Like

Venus is said to be the Earth's sister planet. That was how it was known then. Astronomers though have since found out that Venus is very much different to the Earth in many ways. Astronomers have looked into Venus' weather, and here's what weather in Venus must be like.

In some ways, Venus is like the Earth. Its size is almost the same, for instance. Venus though has a climate that is vastly different from that of the Earth. Scientists say that Venus has an extreme greenhouse effect which is much more severe than what can be experienced in the harshest Earth climate.

Venus has a very dense atmosphere. The clouds of Venus are made up mostly of sulfuric acid. This is a very potent compound which can eat through even lead. No unmanned mission has been made to Venus yet because of this. Scientists have managed to fly around Venus only so far. Such a spacecraft is equipped with radar imaging instruments.

Pressure on Venus is extreme. It is about 92 times more than that on Earth at sea level, according to Phys Org. Any spacecraft going into Venus would be crushed by its atmosphere even before it reaches the surface.

While Venus' clouds are made of sulfuric acid, its atmosphere is mostly made of carbon dioxide. This gives Venus its extreme greenhouse effect. Along with sulfuric acid, Venus has a very toxic atmosphere. Survival on Venus would be very challenging as it has a crushing and toxic atmosphere.

Because of its thick atmosphere, Venus is the hottest planet as well. Its dense atmosphere traps the heat coming from the Sun, making the surface even hotter. Surface temperature can go as high as 462 degrees Centigrade, as Universe Today reports. The dense clouds could also produce lightning, as a number of spacecraft flybys have seen. Lightning might have been produced by volcanic eruptions interacting with the atmosphere.

With its challenging atmosphere, making manned missions to Venus would be almost impossible. Scientists have a better understanding of Venus, and here's what weather on Venus must be like. It is an inhospitable place where survival would be very difficult. A new theory has also been proposed on how Pluto's heart has been formed.

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