Survival Is Exactly What Tom Clancy's The Division Players Need

Earlier this year, Ubisoft released Tom Clancy's The Division. The reception was phenomenal, as a good number of players were celebrating the game. However, as the days passed by, more and more fans were getting frustrated. The game was exploited with multiple bugs and issues, making the gameplay a total mess. Fast forward to today, these have been fixed (at least, most of them). And just recently, the studio released the highly anticipated DLC called Survival.

It's worth noting that the aforementioned expansion was initially scheduled for a release prior to update 1.4. However, the studio seemed to have understood the necessity of fixing the game first, thus the content was pushed back. After all, it's their duty to listen to their community. (Player are clamoring for the bugs to be fixed before a DLC is to be introduced).

Now, the Survival DLC has arrived to Tom Clancy's The Division. And believe it or not, it's a fresh thing to experience. Heck, as noted by Inverse, the gameplay of the content is exactly how the game should be played.

The publication states that the new content, unlike the previous Underground, is a new kind of thing. It strips players of their abilities and equipment, among others, giving them a hard feat to conquer. And under these circumstances, they have to fight their way through the Dark Zone.

In Survival, players will start weak, as they're affected by some sort of virus. They're given at least 2 hours to complete the mission, or else they die. And in order to survive, they have to acquire a certain anti-virus. But of course, the path isn't that easy, as they're bugged by enemies. Let alone the snowstorm that weakens them.

The game system of the new DLC is somewhat refreshing to the base game. Think of it as a motivator, a factor that urges players to breeze their way to the labyrinth in order to survive. And what makes it even interesting? Players have to heighten their senses; otherwise, everything they've accumulated throughout the journey will be gone.

Sure, Survival doesn't introduce a new storyline to Tom Clancy's The Division. But hey, it's actually what the game needs. Through it, players are able to come up with a story of their own, as they try to survive the vicinity. It's unlike any other mechanics that the title has introduced so far. It brought back the kind of excitment that players have been looking for since day one.

What are your thoughts on the newest Tom Clancy's The Division DLC? Do you like it more than the other expansions in the title? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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