Nokia's Comeback Is Mighty Interesting

Nokia's Comeback Is Mighty Interesting
Nokia’s comeback is now confirmed. Photo : Phone Radar / YouTube

Nokia was a gigantic mobile phone manufacturer back in the early 2000s. However, just like most companies that struggled to evolve, Nokia drowned in a competition. The company failed to stay on top when the smartphone technologies started dominating. When Apple, Blackberry, and other companies started reigning the mobile phone industry, Nokia was pulled down. Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's Lumia series might have sounded like a solid decision at the time, but then again, even Microsoft's Lumia struggle to stay in business.

Luckily, though, Nokia's non-competition agreement with Microsoft ends this year, allowing the mighty cell phone maker to re-enter the smartphone market once again. As per recent news, Nokia will get back to the smartphone industry this 2017. Here's what's known so far.

Nokia's 2017 Comeback

What started out as a mere rumor has now been confirmed. Nokia will refresh its smartphone line next year. Take note, we're not just talking about the old-school hulk-level no WiFi phones. Nokia is about to re-enter the market with a new set of smartphones. Do take note however that the next Nokia phones will no longer be brought by the same company who introduced to us the N-series and even the iconic 3310 siblings. Now, the Nokia name is being licensed to a company named HMD Global Oy, Phone Arena reported. For the next 10 years, this company will develop Nokia smart devices. For the manufacturing of the phones, Foxconn will be in charge. Take note that Foxconn also makes Apple's iPhones.

With that said, it is pretty interesting to see how Nokia is getting back on its feet smartphone-wise. If they are getting Foxconn to manufacture their smartphones for them, it's safe to assume that Nokia can produce smartphones as lovable as the iPhones. If you're worried about HMD Global being a new company to handle Nokia, know that this company isn't too far from Nokia's roots. The Chief Executive, Chief Product Officer and President of HMD Global are former executives and employees of Nokia. With that said, it's still basically the original Nokia who's handling the refreshed Nokia.

Nokia Smartphones 2016

Not a lot of things are known about the next generation of Nokia smartphones. One thing's very likely, though, they will run Android. Actually, this is already confirmed. HMD Global has already verified this during their press release and they are also consistent in implying that they will be releasing new "phones" soon. Needless to say, there really haven't been any solid information as to what Nokia has in store for next year. There are rumors about a certain Nokia D1C but not a lot of info has been known so far.

Nokia Smartphones 2017 Conclusions

Nokia's comeback can be described in one word - "interesting". It's interesting to see if the company can finally make a name in the smartphone world. It's interesting to see if Nokia can kick Apple and Samsung's behind. It would also be exciting to see things finally fall into place for Nokia. It would also be interesting to see the company right their wrongs, whatever those may be. For Nokia fans out there, just keep your fingers crossed and wait for the company's mighty comeback. It was said that the major reveal should happen during the first half of next year.

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