Brangelina Divorce News: Brad Pitt’s Child Custody Arrangement Under The Hands Of Therapist

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce and custody battle has been going on for quite a while now. Latest reports revealed that a child-parent conflict and extreme parental conflict doctor, Ian Russ, will be the judge as to whether changes in Pitt's custody arrangement are to be done.

The ex-couple is currently under a temporary arrangement agreed upon and set by both sides. With Jolie having the primary custody, Pitt gets to have child visitation that will be monitored by a therapist. This will be carried out until the court comes up with a decision or until the former couple decides to change it.

Specifics on the details about the arrangement are set by Jolie. According to her, "frequency and conditions of the therapeutic visitation shall be determined by Ian Russ, Ph.D." It also states that the estranged couple should also attend group therapy sessions with the kids.

In addition to the conditions mentioned earlier, the "Allied" star will also be subjected to random and frequent drug and alcohol tests. The following agreement was created in October by both sides and was recently signed by the court.

The process is starting to see a light in the tunnel as Pitt, who was subjected to an investigation because of a previous issue with their eldest child Maddox, has already been cleared by the Department of Child and Family Services.

The case was investigated thoroughly as Jolie claimed that Pitt had intentionally and without justification struck Maddox in a heated argument on their private jet. Social workers personally interviewed Jolie, Pitt, the kids and the witnesses to check the validity of the claims. However, as DCFS concluded, Pitt is cleared of child abuse charges.

With the actor being cleared of the charges, he now has a good chance in the custody battle. Jolie filed for sole physical custody and Pitt for joint custody. Brangelina supporters will have to stay tuned to know how this battle ends.

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