'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers: Rick and Negan Showdown On Mid-season Finale?

Alexandria have not yet concluded their ultimate decision whether to live under Negan's leadership or revolt it instead. Has TWD's seventh episode provided the best build-up for the mid-season finale or will it result to another decrease in viewers if continued? Find out more about the latest The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers, recaps, and reviews!

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers

Unlike the last episodes, Sing Me a Song much likely flexed their muscles to highlight multiple role characters. But the episode's spotlight is right on Negan and Carl. Show casing leadership to oversee survival. It was a bit of boring episode that might pulled out some viewers and plunge its ratings.

On episode seven, Carl fools Jesus and later ends up jumping out of the truck. He sees Carl waving to him. As the truck arrives to the Sanctuary, Carl grabs a machine gun and ends up killing two saviors then Negan enters.

The episode provided the story behind Dwight's damaged face too. Negan makes Carl cry over his damaged eye after the former asks the latter to remove the bandage and requests to touch the eye socket. He shows his soft side by apologizing (or is he just toying with Carl?).

Negan asks Carl to sing him a song thus, the title. The two end up on their way back to Alexandria with Jesus secretly hitchhiking with them. But before they go, Daryl threatens Negan if he hurts the boy. Carl then tours Negan around their community and fails to hide Judith. The villain picks up Rick's baby and rests on the porch. Michonne decides to hunt Negan. She traps a Savior and demands that she take her to him.

Daryl gets a key and a note saying "Go Now". Is Dwight or Sherry behind this? And Eugene can produce a bullet as per Rosita's request. Father Gabriel proves that he's on Rick's side after facing Spencer's side comments.

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