Google Launches Personal Safety App To Help Users In Case Of Emergency

Search giant Google has created a new safety app called Trusted Contacts, which allows sharing your status and location to family members, friends or loved ones. Of course, in order to do this, you have to select your contacts the people you trust the most so they can see these details in the case of an emergency.

Just For The Trusted Or Beloved People

According to the International Business Times, the safety app is available for Android users, and it works by showing a map of your activity that can be seen by the ones you previously allowed by marking it with the Trusted Status. These people will now see your recent activity on the map -which is private by default- and watch if you´ve moved about recently or if you´re logged into the safety app.

This way, if someone is concern about your welfare, a person who you marked as a Trusted Contact on the safety add will be able to send a request in order to check your last known location, which you can deny if you´re safe. However, if this request doesn't get any response within five minutes, the safety app will automatically show your last location so the person can locate if there´s a problem.

The Safety App Doesn't Represent A Privacy Issue

If you think that this is something that doesn't respect too much your privacy, it is important to know that the safety app allows you to change the trusted contacts anytime you want. In any case, when you accept the request to see your locations the contact can see all your whereabouts for 24 hours.

According to Engadget, Google has said that while the contacts won´t need a Google account to watch a shared location, these people may need to sign in with one in order to request them. Also, the search giant explained that this safety app is a feature that works even when you phone is offline.

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